Commonly considered “the top US distance runner” by USA Track & Field

  • Silver medal in 2004 Olympics marathon
  • 2014 Boston Marathon Champion
  • 2009 NYC marathon Champion American record holder for 10,000M from 2001-2010
  • 1997 NCAA champion for 5,000M, 10,000M and cross country championships

Twitter posts: “A nice A. R. T. session w/ Dr. Kevin Maggs at 7400 Heritage Village Plaza, Gainesville, VA. Great guy to see if you are in the area”… “Another great session of A. R. T. w/ Dr. Kevin Maggs. Muscles are feeling good, but no running yet”

– Meb Keflezighi

The point of using dummy text for your paragraph is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters. m@TriMagali Magali Tisseyre Just tried a run! Medial quad better, thanks to active release from Dr.Maggs! Maggs helping Mags worked so far! 14 May via Twitter for BlackBerry®

– Magali Tisseyre (2009 Ironman 70.3 pro triathlete of the year)

“Dr. Maggs, Just wanted to say thanks for your help with my sore feet, they’re feeling great and I can now walk around with no pain, just a little tightness in the morning which is a huge improvement. Christie Sym Pro triathlete”

– Christie Sym (Pro Triathlete)

“Dr. Maggs, Thanks for all your help. Without your support and great work, I wouldn’t make it to the start line. Also via Linked In…”Kevin has a wealth of knowledge and a passion to help athletes of all levels be injury free and reach their goals.”

– Robbie Wade (Pro Triathlete)


“Dr. Maggs, I wish I had you to take a look at my running form when I first began running; it would have saved me from a lot of problems over the years.”

– Jeff Horowitz (160+ marathons Author of: My First 100 Marathons ,Smart Marathon Training)

Achilles pain in triathlete

“Dr. Kevin, I just wanted to say thanks for your work at the Rev 3 triathlon this weekend. After I finished the half, you did ART on my previously ruptured Achilles and I had no pain today! Amazing! Thanks a ton.”

– Brian Zupancic

Tricep Pain

“My Name is Doug Miller and I am a Drug-Free professional bodybuilder. I am extremely hard on my body, as I weight train very intensely 6 times a week and sometimes more than once a day. Staying injury free is absolutely essential to my success in my sport.

In April I developed a severe injury to my left elbow. I went to a number of orthopedic surgeons who did not have a definitive diagnosis or treatment plan for my elbow. I was having extreme pain when doing any exercise involving my triceps and was having trouble fully extending my arm. As a result of this, my training and strength to that area was reduced. This problem went on for 4 months until I finally decided to go see Dr. Maggs. Active release therapy has been helpful in dealing with other injuries so I figured I would give it a shot for my elbow. Within 5 visits to Dr. Maggs, my elbow was significantly better, my range of motion was significantly improved, and my strength was increasing. After another couple of weeks, my strength was what is was before the injury and my range of motion and pain were significantly reduced.

For a period of time, I thought my elbow was never going to get better, and I have been extremely impressed with the work Dr. Maggs has performed on my elbow. He performed ART on me at the same time I continued to train intensely and my elbow problem continued to improve. I think that this is amazing, as I did not have to miss any training to allow my injury to recover. He focused not only on the direct source of pain, but focused on my entire left side, as he understands the intricate details of the anatomy of the arm and shoulder and how all these muscle interrelate. I think his work on my forearm, tricep, and shoulder helped my elbow significantly. Dr. Maggs also explains the “what’s” and “why’s” of what he is doing very well and even went as far as printing out relevant sports medicine article relating to my injury that he thought I would find helpful.

If you are an athlete or are just experiencing a nagging injury that just won’t go away, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Maggs for his active release services.”

– Doug M.


“Dr. Kevin Maggs specializes in runners and athletes. He caught an issue with my knee in which two orthopedics misdiagnosed as IT band Syndrome. Dr. Maggs took the time to analyze my run by filming me on day one. He really works to get you back on the road to meet your personal goals ASAP. He uses a technique called Active Release Techniques (ART). He and his wife run the practice they have a friendly receptionist and work early and late hours to accommodate everyone. The receptionist is super friendly you will not be disappointed.”

– Kristi

“I began to suffer from plantar fascitis and some other foot problems mostly related to under-used tendons and ligaments in my feet during that year of near immobility. I had gone to a podiatrist, spent lots of money on orthodics and physical therapy for my feet with no real relief. I did all the taping, icing, and other relief therapies suggested with no success.

Then, my daughter (a medical student) suggested ART, saying she was being treated by a chiropractor in New York who had used ART. She had chronic back pain as a result of a car accident several years ago. She had periodically gone to chiropractors since the accident for pain relief and spinal adjustment, which helped her, however, sometimes temporarily. This NY chiropractor had suggested ART in addition to his other more common chiropractic therapy. She told me ART made a huge difference for her. She had asked her doctor if ART would work for foot problems. He gave her a lot of material for me to read about ART and the successes he had using it.

I asked Dr. Maggs if she knew anything about it and she said her husband had training in ART. I saw Dr. Kevin Maggs for only four appointments and I can now walk with no pain (after a year of complete inactivity). Dr. Maggs took a lot of time to explain ART, how it works, what was the cause of the pain in my feet and especially my heels. He showed me how the tendons, ligaments and muscles in the feet and ankles are constructed and how they operate and what makes them become knotted and painful.

Finally, after a year of complete inactivity, I can walk again! I’m not taking pain killers anymore and I am looking forward to becoming physically strong again now that I can do normal activities without chronic pain.

– Karen J.

TMJ Pain

“My pain was constant, but kept to a dull roar with 880 mg of Aleve twice per day…After just one treatment pain was significantly reduced. Following up with two additional treatments, the pain was completely resolved.”

– Martin S.

Knee Pain

“A year ago I tripped and landed with all my weight on my knees. It took months for the knee pain to subside, but it returned this spring when I started playing golf. After my first golf game my knees were painful all the time, but particularly when bent. I could not squat down to line up a put. After 3-4 Active Release Treatments (ART) with Dr. Kevin Maggs, the pain is gone and I have full mobility in both knees.”

– Bev D.

Neck and Arm Pain

“Not only was your treatment entirely successful, but you were so helpful and thorough in explaining everything in a warm and personable way. You took your time and endured all my questions with patients of saints! Thank-you for all your help and kindness”

– Todd B.

Daily Headaches

“Before treatment, coffee and chocolate could cause headaches in addition to stress. Now I can have both regularly without fear of ‘paying for it later’.”

– Phillip S.

Hip Pain (Facing Hip Replacement)

“I can walk, climb stairs, sleep in my normal pattern without pillows. The pain has left my leg and the muscle in my leg is beginning to strengthen. I am amazed and elated with the results.”

– Dorothy P.




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